Menopausal Weight Loss: Physician shares “fast weight reduction” methodology for menopausal girls

Many women experience sudden weight gain during menopause. However, losing weight doesn’t have to be complicated or take months and months to see the smallest of results. Doctor Paula Oliveira spoke exclusively to about how dieters can “cut stubborn fat during menopause”.

Fast weight loss doesn’t – and shouldn’t – mean fad dieting and total restriction of your favorite foods.

Instead, Dr. Paula that slimmers include certain nutritious foods in their diet.

High-fiber foods

She initially urged women going through menopause to stuff themselves with lots of high-fiber foods.

The expert explained: “Dietary fiber helps reduce appetite and increase insulin sensitivity, factors that contribute greatly to weight loss.

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“You can eat foods like avocados, sprouts, and flaxseeds that keep you fuller for longer, thereby reducing the likelihood of overeating.”

High-fiber foods take longer to digest, preventing dieters from digging into the snack drawer unnecessarily.

High Protein Foods

In addition to fiber, Dr. Paula the importance of a protein-rich diet in order to lose weight quickly.

She explained, “Eating protein increases the body’s metabolic rate and, just like fiber, can relieve you of hunger for longer periods of time.”


The expert stated, “Most alcoholic beverages contain numerous calories that overwhelm the body and potentially lead to weight gain.”

More importantly, while food fills us up, alcoholic beverages contain little to no nutritional value, instead they pack a lot of empty calories.

She continued, “Not only can alcohol consumption lead to unhealthy weight gain, but it also increases the risk of liver damage, especially when consumed in excess.”

But when it comes to having a drink, there are some drinks that have fewer calories than others.

According to Prevention, some lower-calorie options include tequila with fresh lime juice, vodka-soda with lemon, light beer, and rosé.

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