Meet PM Modi’s mom, Heeraben, the girl behind his success

Immerse yourself in the arduous life of a woman from the humble town of Vadnagar in Gujarat and meet a mother who raised Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

PM Modi’s mother, Heeraben Modi, turned 100 today. A grand celebration is planned in Vadnagar, where Heeraben spent most of her life and the place where PM Modi was born. The Prime Minister took the opportunity to visit his mother at her residence in Gandhinagar, Gujarat.

Heeraben was born in Palanpur and after marriage moved to Vadnagar.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s brother Prahlad Modi said: “My mother was just 1516 years old when she got married. Due to financial and family problems, she never had the chance to study. My mother wanted all her children to get an education. The financial condition of the family was such that we had no money to pay fees, but mother never borrowed money and made sure the fees were paid by doing some job.

PM Modi attended a primary school in Vadnagar up to 7th grade. The family did not have enough money to pay the school fees. PM Modi only had one uniform, and when the uniform was torn, Heeraben patched the uniform with a different colored cloth.

In Vadnagar, Heeraben treated small children and women with home remedies. Prahlad Modi said: “My mother knew so many Desinuskhe. She was known as Dossi Maa. Although she never went to school, she was a doctor in our village. The secret behind completing 100 years is the struggle and hard work Heeraba has put in throughout her life.”

Prahlad Modi added: “She drew water from the well twice a day, which made her back strong. She went to the pond every day to wash clothes and climbed so many steps that her legs and whole body became strong and never ate anything from the outside, and that’s why you see her son is a world leader today.

Her favorite food is ice cream. Prahlad Modi said she couldn’t resist ice cream.

A friend of hers, also named Heeraben, said: “Heeraben used to be busy with her work. Her daily routine consisted only of work and family.”

The financial situation of the family was such that only bajra roti and kadhi were done five days a week as there was no money.

Prahlad Modi said, “There was no money to buy vegetables. Chaas [buttermilk] was free then. Previously, only bajra roti and kadhi were cooked. In fact, Narendra Bhai only ate two rotis and chai and nothing else until a few years before he left home.”

Prahlad Modi added: “Father did a lot of hard work. My mother used to work all day. All the media and the world say that PM Modi works 18 hours a day. The inspiration came from my mother Heeraba.”

The emotional Prahlad Modi added: “Heeraba is very religious and has always said that we should dedicate our lives to the country. She was illiterate, but her husband Damodar read her religious books.”

Maharaj of Hatkeshwar Mahadev Temple Shashti Niranjansinh Rawal said, “She used to visit the temple during Shivratri and Shravan. She did puja and blessed me too.”

They say behind every man’s success is a woman. That woman in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s life is his mother, Heeraben. She struggled all her life, worked hard, never borrowed money, and gave such teachings to children that they became self-reliant and great leaders.

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