MedArrive and Superior HealthPlan companion to supply residence care to advanced populations

One of the largest Medicaid health plans in the country is partnering with one of the most successful home care startups to serve approximately 40,000 members in Texas.

On Thursday, Texas-based Superior HealthPlan announced a home health partnership with MedArrive.

“Essentially, we will focus on how we provide better care in the home to reduce unnecessary ER use and ER visits by this population,” said Dan Trigub, co-founder and CEO of MedArrive Home Health Care News . “We are going into some of the poorest and most vulnerable communities in the state of Texas. Unfortunately, there are many people in Texas — and beyond — who essentially use the ER as their primary care physician.”

MedArrive is a New York-based startup that coordinates and delivers home care. Through the partnership, MedArrive will offer its services to these approximately 40,000 superior patients, many of whom have very complex healthcare needs.

The idea is that through MedArrive’s capabilities and offerings, at-home care gaps will be closed and social drivers of health addressed.

As part of the partnership, members will also have greater access to virtual behavioral health services through Brave Health.

“We are proud to partner with MedArrive and Brave Health on this initiative that will expand our ability to provide quality healthcare to many of our members,” said David Harmon, chief medical director at Superior HealthPlan, in a statement. “This new collaboration paves the way for convenient, personalized and integrated services from MedArrive and Brave Health, and we believe our members will greatly benefit from this new relationship.”

On Trigub’s side, he believes the partnership will be a perfect fit based on what MedArrive does on a daily basis.

“This population is really what we’ve been building for since day one,” he said. “These are dual eligible members, that’s our sweet spot. Our mission on day one was to focus on these underserved, vulnerable populations. Unlike other providers and vendors, our mission isn’t to create a beautiful app, throw it on the app store and you press a button to take care of it. To be honest, this population can never afford it. Second, they don’t have the resources or the means to even know how to use such a platform.”

Instead, MedArrive is focused on building relationships with payers like Superior, accessing vulnerable populations, and customizing care programs, Trigub said.

Field providers visit the homes of members who enroll in the program. Caregivers will then provide home health services, diagnostics, health assessments and other preventive health care to these members.

When higher acuteness care is required, field service providers can connect members to physician-led telemedicine services. They will also aim to address other needs such as transportation issues, mobility issues and nutritional support.

Going forward, there’s room for growth in Texas, Trigub said.

“Superior has millions of Medicaid members in the state of Texas, so it’s hard to say how much of that population we will reach beyond this first phase of the program,” Trigub said. “But that’s definitely just the beginning. We expect it will grow.”

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