Measure weight or inches? Which weight reduction monitoring methodology works finest

Stepping on the scale can be good for your weekly and monthly check-ins, but relying solely on the scale can cause you to lose sight of the other changes in your body. So even if you make progress, sometimes it doesn’t show up on the scale.

Also, several factors, such as your water intake or metabolism, can affect your weight. If you have your period or have been eating a lot of salt lately, your weight is more likely to skyrocket despite your efforts to burn calories. While these fluctuations are perfectly normal, relying on the scale for feedback on your intense workout can definitely freak you out.

If you’re gaining muscle from exercise (which is healthy), that can also indicate an increase on your weight scale. Although muscle takes up less space than fat, it is much denser and therefore weighs more. Because of this, your scale may not accurately reflect the great progress you are making — and it can also really upset you.

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