McCall Health Core Bench luxurious residence health tools gives 12 machines » Gadget Movement

Get more out of your home workout space with the Core Bench luxury home fitness machine from McCall Fitness. It converts into 12 different gym-quality machines for a full-body workout. Work your core in a variety of ways, like doing 180-degree leg raises. Incredibly, it can be extended to twice the height of normal exercise benches, giving you the opportunity to improve your personal fitness. What’s more, it exceeds expectations and delivers results while only taking up 10 to 12 square feet of space. In addition, the unique design of the Core Bench offers over 65 different exercises! This includes workouts like bar dips, preacher curls, calf raises, and more. The Core Bench also has strategically placed hooks welded to its base to aid in resistance band exercises. Whether you’re an extreme athlete doing vigorous workouts or someone just looking to tone and tone, the Core Bench has the dynamics to meet your fitness needs.

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