Mannequin Materials | UC Davis Journal

“It was big!” she was amazed. “The Nike in the Grove is really big and my face is a whole story. There’s also a big digital monitor that shows my face.”

Still, Ravi said she thoroughly enjoys her work at UC Davis Health, where she serves as the digital navigator for the Care at Home program. The new program provides home health care for patients with chronic illnesses and gives them home monitoring devices that provide data for Ravi to monitor.

“I just don’t see myself doing anything else. I don’t want to just go one way,” she shared.

“The collaboration with UC Davis Health is powerful. I give back and it drives me. And then with modeling I feel like I can make a difference for little brown girls anywhere. There aren’t many Indian women in the media who are portrayed in a positive light. So I don’t think I would take one away.”

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