Man stabbed to demise at Anti-Vax rally in LA is discharged from hospital

Los Angeles City Council President Nury Martinez condemned the violence that broke out at an anti-vaccination rally outside City Hall over the weekend, during which a man was stabbed and a journalist assaulted.

“Not wearing a mask and being anti-vax is not patriotism – it’s stupidity,” Martinez tweeted late Saturday night. “We need to be able to have disagreements without resorting to violence. Attacking counter-demonstrators and journalists has no place in a democracy and certainly not in Los Angeles. “

For the record:

9:06 am August 16, 2021An earlier version of this article said the man who was stabbed had been discharged from the hospital. He was still hospitalized, LAPD officials said on Monday.

The man who was stabbed at the rally was still in the hospital, police said on Monday.

The man was not identified and no information was provided about the extent of his injury. No arrest has been reported in connection with the stabbing or attack on a journalist, which was also reported at the rally, said Los Angeles Police Officer Mike Lopez.

A crowd of several hundred, many of whom were holding American flags and signs demanding “medical freedom,” arrived at City Hall on Saturday at around 2pm for the scheduled rally. A few dozen counter-demonstrators had gathered on 1st Street near the former LA Times offices before the clash.

A fight broke out on the corner of 1st and Spring Streets just after 2:30 p.m. as counter-demonstrators in all black and anti-vaccine protesters dressed in American flags and Trump memorabilia exchanged blows and tossed things at each other. It wasn’t immediately clear how the fight began, though each side quickly blamed the other.

A person who the anti-mask protesters claimed was part of their rally collapsed bleeding at the intersection. Local police said the person was stabbed and a paramedic came to take him to a hospital.

A short time later, KPCC reporter Frank Stoltze was seen walking out of the park near the town hall, yelled at by anti-mask protesters. A man could be seen kicking him. Stoltze later told a police officer that he had been attacked while trying to conduct an interview.

Stoltze later tweeted this statement: “Today something happened to me that has never happened in 30 years of reporting. In LA. @LAist I was pushed, kicked, and my glasses ripped off my face by a group of guys at a protest – outside City Hall during an anti-Vax recall @GavinNewsom Pro Trump rally.

The incident follows two more clashes between right-wing extremists and left-wing groups over the past few weeks over transgender access at a spa in Koreatown. Video of a customer complaining to an employee at the spa about seeing a customer with a penis in an area reserved for women went viral.

The spa told the Times it was required to obey California law, which prohibits companies from discriminating against customers based on race, gender, sexual identity, or expression.

On July 17, right-wing extremists, including members of the Proud Boys, and left-wing demonstrators faced each other in front of Wi Spa. When clashes between protesters broke out, the LAPD declared an illegal gathering, used projectiles and batons, and arrested 40 people, mainly for not breaking up.

Some who participated in the protest described minimal violence between the two groups and claimed that the LAPD used excessive force against the counter-demonstrators. During the first protest in Wi Spa on July 3, right-wing demonstrators and counter-demonstrators fought each other in the streets before the police could break up the fighting.

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