Man hit by truck driver in Brooklyn capturing spree dies of head damage – Reuters

  1. A man hit by a truck driver in a Brooklyn shooting spree dies of a head injury
  2. Brooklyn U-Haul Truck Crash: Latest information on recovery of surviving victims Eyewitness News ABC7NY
  3. Man Arrested in New York City U-Haul ‘Rampage’, Stabbed Brother, Las Vegas Roommate 8 News NOW Las Vegas
  4. NYC U-Haul driver Weng Sor made his way ahead of the New York Post’s fatal rampage with an “unseen object” heading toward his truck
  5. NYC U-Haul rampage suspect with violent past who has yet to be charged in an attack that killed 1 and injured 8 others Fox News
  6. Check out the full coverage on Google News

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