Make health extra enjoyable and interesting

Resolutions to get in shape are popular at the start of a new year. Despite the best and detailed intentions, many resolutions fall by the wayside shortly after January 1st.

Many people stop going to the gym or exercising at home because their exercise routines are outdated. By making fitness more engaging and fun, individuals are more likely to stick to a new regime.

Train with a friend

It can be difficult to motivate yourself to exercise. However, if you have a buddy who is investing in the same activities, you can inspire each other to stick to the routine. A little healthy competition can also keep you both focused.

Go outside

Outdoor exercise means there is always something new to experience. Rather than seeing the same four walls of a gym or home gym, venture outside and enjoy some fresh air and sunshine so the great outdoors can provide all the motivation you need.

Try something new

Change up your routine from time to time. This forces your brain and body to adapt and work a little harder, providing new inspiration for your workouts. While you don’t have to commit to a trendy workout if you don’t want to, be content with trying a new class or machine a week to see what you might enjoy.

Vary your schedule

Consider scheduling different types of activities for specific days of the week. For example, Monday can be for hiking, Tuesday for swimming, and Friday for recreational sports activities. This can make the exercise more engaging.

Use an exercise playlist

Download several upbeat songs that can energize you for workouts. There are even specially curated playlists that match songs’ beats per minute to workout cadence so you can run or workout at a desired pace.

Find ways to get moving as you engage in daily activities

Exercise can come in all shapes and forms. Even if you’re pushing a vacuum or pulling weeds in the garden, you’re physically active. If you enjoy this type of thing more than traditional exercises, do more of it.

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