Main residence health club supplier iWorkOut launches official on-line retailer in Australia

A beast in the fitness equipment world, iWorkOut has taken the fitness game to the next level after opening its official Australian store offering a wide range of equipment and accessories.

Trusted by thousands of Australians as their at home fitness partner, iWorkOut, the leading home fitness provider, has launched its official online store in Australia, offering the ultimate platform for buying equipment – from kettlebells to dumbbells and barbells.

On the website, fitness professionals and enthusiasts can find out about the wealth of offers on site. iWorkOut offers a wide range of sections on the site, from Strength to Cardio, Functional, Flooring, Bench & Racks, Rehabilitation, and Packages.

Fitness fans can now order premium quality competition/professional kettlebells, the world’s most effective tool for massive gains in strength, speed and athletic endurance. Ergonomically designed by Russia’s leading kettlebell lifters and trainers, these professional kettlebells are used by professional kettlebell athletes worldwide in all international kettlebell competitions.

The competition kettlebells have the same dimensions throughout the range of 8, 12, 16, 20, 24, 28, 32, 40 and 48 kg. Therefore, there is no need to change technique when moving between weights. The kettlebells are made of steel and have narrower handles. Therefore there is no lateral slipping. The thinner grip makes grip less of an issue on high-rep snatch sets.

The vinyl-coated dumbbells, which are among the best-sellers, offer a smoother surface and non-slip grip, along with some anti-tear properties for durability. Both coatings help prevent scratches and damage while also being effortless to clean and sanitize.

Meanwhile, those looking to save time, improve athletic performance, and strengthen virtually every muscle in the body with a greater range of resistance can turn to iWorkOut barbells. For example, the 5Foot Olympic Barbell is ideal for the small gym or serious home user who lifts Olympic weights. The bar features freely rotating 50mm diameter ends that are compatible with all Olympic plates. The equipment also comes with safety collars.

iWorkOut Australia also offers home fitness packages. The company offers specialty garage-mount packages, bench and weight packages, and functional trainers.

iWorkOut Australia offers fast and reliable shipping across Australia and 24/7 support service to thousands of customers. It prides itself on 100% payment security and accepts all major credit cards.

For over 20 years, the company has been developing a home fitness experience for its customers that meets all of their individual needs. The team has spent years listening to customer feedback to perfect the ultimate online home fitness equipment shopping experience.

This time, the launch of his online store in Australia serves as a testament to his commitment to offering the lowest prices, wholesale direct to the public and a huge range of products.

Those who want to receive the latest products hitting the store and promotions straight to their inbox can sign up immediately. Others interested in learning more about iWorkOut Australia can visit for more information.

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