Magnificence therapies for brides: figuring out what to keep away from

Wedding preparations take a lot of time as you need to find the right costumes, jewellery, makeup and hair experts and much more. Some even start preparing months before D-Day. So why wait for beauty treatments just before the wedding? When it comes to bridal skin care tips or some of the hair treatments, it is better to start even months before your wedding day. So read on to learn which beauty treatments all brides-to-be should avoid.

Trying out a new dish, dress or beauty trend is a good thing, but not around the wedding day. While you may know that eating an eggplant will cause an allergic reaction, you cannot be sure which ingredients in a beauty treatment will affect your skin or hair. After all, not everyone knows about it.

To know what pre-wedding beauty treatments future brides should avoid, Health Shots consulted Dr. Ritupurna Dash, Dermatologist and Laser Specialist at DASH Dermatology, Noida, and Consultant at Max Super Specialty Hospital, Vaishali.

Know the beauty treatments that brides-to-be should avoid before the wedding. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

Skin bleaching can cause itching

You may think of bleaching to lighten your skin or even out your skin tone, but bleach contains hydrogen peroxide, which can cause redness, itching, and irritation. dr Dash suggested not having the bleaching done, especially before a haldi ceremony, as it could contribute to skin problems. Instead, she said that last-minute dermaplaning is a safer alternative. Not only does it remove peach fluff, it also removes dead skin and dirt.

Stay away from hair removal methods

You want to be hairless on your D-Day, but don’t think about saving the hair removal step until the end. The expert said that any hair removal method like waxing or laser hair removal should be done at least a week before your wedding day. That way, if you have redness on your skin, it will be fine until you need to tie the knot. She suggested moisturizing your skin thoroughly to soothe and hydrate it after hair removal.

No hair color before the wedding

Hair color helps transform your look in such fabulous ways, but if you’ve never colored your hair before, it’s best to avoid it at the last minute. Remember, it’s not ammonia, it’s para-phenylenediamine (PPD), which is found in most hair dyes and causes severe allergic reactions.

Do facials in advance

Would you like to radiate after a salon or Medi facial treatment? Do them a week in advance, as extractions and scrubs associated with facials take some time to settle down.

Avoid last minute decisions to get injections

Injectables like lip fillers and anti-wrinkle injections take about four to six weeks to set and take effect. You don’t end with your trips to a dermatologist. Sometimes swelling or bruising occurs after the procedure. The expert said they may appear infrequently but take some time to minimize.

Make ice cubes yourselfDon’t try new home remedies before the wedding. Image courtesy: Shutterstock

No new home remedies

If you swear by certain home remedies, that’s fine. But if you watch videos on social media and try a new home remedy for your skin or hair problem, avoid doing it. The expert warned that some home remedies could be problematic if they don’t suit your skin.

The best way to treat your skin or hair concerns and prepare for your wedding day is to consult a board-certified dermatologist at least three months in advance, starting with a customized skin and hair care routine and cosmetic treatments as needed. Your salon bookings should also be made in advance.

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