Lorraine Kelly talks about attaining weight reduction targets

Lorraine Kelly has spoken out about her weight loss, pictured in May 2022. (Getty Images)

Lorraine Kelly has been candid about her recent weight loss, revealing she “feels happier and healthier” dropping two dress sizes and losing 1.5.

The breakfast host revealed she joined WW, formerly known as Weight Watchers, after “eating comfortingly” during the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen her weight soar.

“I ate in comfort and would just roam around the cookie jar and fridge for all sorts of goodies,” she told Express.

“It started out pretty small, but turned out to be huge! I went through packages of cookies and junk food.

“I wasn’t exercising that much and eating mindlessly, just eating for the sake of eating. Now I’m much more balanced.”

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Lorraine Kelly showed off her recent weight loss at Wimbledon this week.  (Photo by James Manning/PA Images via Getty Images)

Lorraine Kelly showed off her recent weight loss at Wimbledon this week. (Photo by James Manning/PA Images via Getty Images)

The TV presenter says she actually found her weight loss “easy as pie” and explains that she’s changed her diet and fitness routine by making sure she’s getting 10,000 steps a day.

“It’s not a stupid, stupid diet because, as we know, diets don’t work,” she says. “It’s just about making small changes.

“We all know what’s good for us, we all know what to eat, so it’s all about finding the right balance.

“I’m not bored or unhappy and thinking about food all the time, I just eat well.”

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Besides batch-making vegetable soap for lunch, Kelly has another weight-loss trick to share — getting rid of food guilt.

The star advised “don’t beat yourself up when you have a chocolate chip cookie,” because “it’s not the end of the world!”

“There’s nothing wrong with having a biscuit with a cup of tea, it’s okay, it’s just about finding the balance,” she adds.

The presenter says she now feels “happier, healthier and more confident” at her “ideal” weight.

The TV presenter provided an update on her weight loss journey in March, pictured in May 2022. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

The TV presenter provided an update on her weight loss journey in March, pictured in May 2022. (Photo by Dave J Hogan/Getty Images)

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Kelly has previously opened up about going “up two dress sizes” during lockdown, which she has attributed to comfort eating and not keeping fit as usual.

The story goes on

“During the pandemic, I started eating comfort and that was my downfall — eating comfort and not being able to go to my fitness classes,” she told the Mirror.

“When those classes ended, I started eating way too much—it was stuff I would probably never bother with. Just like I wanted muffins, I wanted croissants, I wanted donuts.

“All those things that you know you shouldn’t have and you think it makes you feel better, and it doesn’t. And so slowly, slowly, slowly over the last few years I’ve gone from a size 10 to a size 14…”

The weight gain eventually eroded the presenter’s confidence.

“Even if I were invited to a red carpet event, I just wouldn’t have the confidence to go there right now,” she continued.

“Even if George Clooney was waiting for me naked with a rose between his teeth.”

Back in March, Kelly gave an update on her weight loss after joining WW, hoping to be the “best version” of herself since she gained some weight in lockdown.

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Last year, Lorraine Kelly revealed she had gained weight while in lockdown, pictured in November 2021. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Last year Lorraine Kelly revealed she had gained weight in lockdown, pictured November 202. (Photo by Mike Marsland/WireImage)

Five weeks into starting her diet plan, Kelly shared with her fans on Instagram that she felt happier and healthier than ever after hitting her goals.

She posted a message from her Weight Watchers mentor, who said: “This is what success looks like! Kudos to Lorraine, not only have you hit your half stone, you’ve lost a whopping ELEVEN pounds!

“Three pounds for a stone! Weight Watchers UK and I are super proud. What an amazing journey you have.”

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Last year, the breakfast host shared her health concerns with fans following her lockdown weight gain, revealing in a post on Twitter that she felt “unhealthy” and “tired without stamina”.

“Anyone else feeling tired and lacking endurance? Apart from the intake [her dog] Angus for a walk, I’m not exercising enough. Eat comfort and go two dress sizes up,” she wrote.

“Feeling unhealthy – need a kickstart to the new year. I’ve always said no to dieting, but any sensible suggestions?”

Last year, she told This Morning, “I don’t think dieting works,” before noting that “portion control and not so many snacking is important and sensible.”

The TV star also opened up to The Sun’s Fabulous magazine on the subject, revealing: “I’ve learned the hard way that stupid diets will eventually make you fat.

“I tend to eat sensible food during the week, but I certainly don’t eat celery sticks because I’d be unhappy.

“We’re much more likely to stick to a healthy eating plan when we have really tasty food, and we won’t drop out of an exercise routine if it’s a lot of fun.”

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