Lori Harvey: Smaller portion sizes are key to weight reduction | leisure

Lori Harvey has admitted eating smaller portions was the “key” to her weight loss.

The 25-year-old model – who dated actor Michael B. Jordan from 2020 to 2022 and admitted to gaining 15 pounds during their relationship – claimed that while she tries not to “limit” herself too much, the size does of meals shrank that she can shift weight.

She said: “I try not to limit myself too much. I like to eat what I want to eat but I eat in moderation so I eat healthy for most of my day – my green juices and, of course I do my Pilates or I go to the gym. I like going to Dogpound, I do hikes, stuff like that. I really like it, just making smaller portions was key for me.”

The socialite – who is the daughter of Marjorie Harvey and the adopted daughter of comedian Steve Harvey – has previously opened up about her “horrible” weight gain in a viral video posted on TikTok, in which she revealed she was struggling to fit into her clothes .

She said: “It was awful, none of my clothes fit, it just wasn’t me!”

However, after Lori revealed that she reduced her calorie intake to 1,200 a day to lose weight, she received backlash and responded by noting that “every body type is different.

She told UsWeekly: “It was just that if I’m in diet mode and I’m trying to lose weight, then I’ll try to cut down on my calories a bit to lose weight if that’s what I’m trying to do. But for the most part, no, if i just maintain i still eat what i want, i just watch my portions.every body type is different… figure out what calorie intake works for you to maintain it, and then whatever your maintenance calorie intake is, You should do a little less to lose weight.

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