Liteboxer launches new shadowboxing program “Liteboxer Go”.

Liteboxer has launched a new shadow boxing program, Liteboxer Go, which uses punch tracking sensors that strap around users’ wrists. Liteboxer Go leverages Liteboxer’s full workout library and allows users to shadowbox anywhere they have access to a TV, tablet or smartphone.

After launching its physical LED punching bag in 2020, Liteboxer introduced its first shadow boxing program earlier this year, Liteboxer VR. With Liteboxer GO, even those without access to a meta-quest can now participate.

Liteboxer Go simply requires users to strap on the included sensors and connect to the Liteboxer program via the app – users can also add included egg weights to increase the difficulty. The program includes over 200 workouts, many of which are synchronized with popular songs by musicians such as Ariana Grande, Drake and Imagine Dragons and others.

Jeff Morin, CEO of Liteboxer, said, “We recognize that not everyone can afford a $2,000 piece of fitness equipment for their home. A fraction of the price of current at-home platforms, Liteboxer Go is the answer for those who want to make their training accessible. As I look to the future of at-home fitness, I truly believe it’s important to ensure everyone can exercise at home or on the go, affordably, with world-class trainers, chart-topping music, and a community-led platform for less than they would spend at the gym.”

Liteboxer Go costs

There are no upfront costs for Liteboxer Go. Users get the sensors and trackers for free when you sign up for the monthly service.

The Liteboxer Go kit includes the following:

  • a pair of Liteboxer Go sensors with wrist wraps
  • a tablet stand
  • Egg weights (standard 1 LB each) with carrying case.

Membership options include:

  • 1 month: $18.99 per month
  • 12 months: $15.99 per month
  • 24 months: $13.99 per month

*Current Liteboxer hardware and VR Premium subscribers only need to purchase the sensors, with no additional membership.

To learn more about and buy Liteboxer Go, visit

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