Lexi Martone underwent weight reduction surgical procedure in season 1 of ‘Unpolished’.

Foxy, Lexi’s grandmother, also praised Lexi’s cooking talents in a previous video.

“It skipped a generation, my cooking. It skipped [Jennifer] and went to [Lexi]”Foxy remarked in a video.

In another season two teaser, Lexi revealed that she’d love to become Foxy for a day.

“If I could be someone from this family besides me for that day, it would definitely be Foxy. Who wouldn’t want to be Foxy for one day? I just kind of want to know what’s going on in their head. I’d love to be Foxy for that day too.” be because she can eat what she wants and doesn’t have to exercise or do anything to stay that thin, “Lexi said.

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