Lewis Capaldi celebrates as physician claims train will not assist weight reduction

Lewis Capaldi was quite pleased when he heard a doctor tell Steven Bartlett that “exercise doesn’t help you lose weight”.

The Scottish singer recently shared a short clip of himself celebrating after listening to a recent episode of Bartlett’s The Diary Of A CEO with Doctor Tim Spector:

Capaldi’s TikTok followers were also quick to greet the news, with one person posting, “This is revolutionary.”

Another wrote: “HELLO 2023 THE YEAR WITH NO EXERCISE.”

Another joked, “Just threw my gym out the window and ordered a kebab.”

And a fourth person wrote: “The news we’ve all been waiting for.”

However, before you or Capaldi cancel that gym membership, Spector has clarified a few things about his claims on Bartlett.

On the podcast, Bartlett tells Spector that he and his friends have a group chat where they track their workouts, but that “virtually nobody” in the group has lost weight in the year since they started monitoring their workout levels.

Doctor Tim Spector has said studies don’t support the idea that exercise helps with weight loss. Source: YouTube/The Diary of a CEO

Spector replied: “The weight loss plays only a very small role [for exercise]. All long-term studies show that it doesn’t help with weight loss and that it’s grossly over-hyped as an “easy fix” to our obesity problem.”

Bartlett then bluntly asks, “Doesn’t exercise help you lose weight?”

Spector replies: “No – all studies show that. The only caveat to this is if you’ve changed your diet – improved your diet – and you’ve lost some weight, maintaining some exercise will keep you from going back.

“But if you don’t change your diet, it’s no use, and all obesity experts and all studies are now aware of that.”

The doctor told Steven Bartlett that diet was more important.  Source: YouTube/The Diary of a CEO The doctor told Steven Bartlett that diet was more important. Source: YouTube/The Diary of a CEO

Spector went on to emphasize that exercise is “great for your health,” “amazing for your mood,” and “great for your heart,” stating that he exercises regularly himself and everyone else should too, but adding, “If you do that The goal is to lose weight, you have to do something about your diet.”

The doctor said it’s more important to focus on improving your diet when weight loss is the goal.

Spector, who wrote the books The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat and Spoon Fed, argues against low-fat and fad diets, instead suggesting sticking to a varied, high-fiber, whole-food diet high in fat, nuts, and vegetables . So no kebabs? To the right.

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