Learn his mom’s letter present in Brian Laundrie’s backpack that claims ‘burn after studying’ – CNN

  1. Read his mother’s letter found in Brian Laundrie’s backpack that reads “burn after reading” on CNN
  2. Gabby Petito’s parents suffer burns after reading letter in ABC7 civil suit
  3. Gabby Petito case: Brian Laundrie’s mother promised her son a shovel, a garbage bag and a prison cake in a love letter Fox News
  4. Reaction: Gabby Petito’s family announced Roberta Laundrie’s ‘burning after reading’ letter to her son WFLA News Channel 8
  5. Gabby Petito’s parents will receive a copy of the ‘Burn After Reading’ letter Brian Laundrie’s mother sent him to CNN
  6. For full coverage, see Google News

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