Lady positive aspects 13 kg on lockdown after shedding 68 kg

One woman who gained a loyal following after documenting her 68kg weight loss found that she had gained weight as a result of the coronavirus pandemic and stated that “life is far from perfect”.

Danielle Patera weighed 150 pounds when she started making healthy lifestyle changes in 2017, switching junk food to a diet high in fruits, vegetables, and protein. She also increased her exercise significantly.

The American from Milwaukee, Wisconsin, documented her 68kg weight loss online and earned 33,800 followers who were motivated and inspired by Danielle’s open-minded approach.

However, her active lifestyle saw success when the 29-year-old, like many others around the world, was on her feet for much of the day and sat at home “taking little to no steps”.

As a result of restricted mobility and an ankle injury, Danielle gained 13 kg and recently learned how it affected her.

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She shared two photos side by side and said she felt “vulnerable” and revealed that she was “no longer at my lowest level” but was forced to share them to help others who were in a similar situation .

“I was transparent because I’m no longer at the lowest level but haven’t shown transformation images to show it,” she wrote.

“When I put on weight, my hips and thighs go first. It’s also the very last part of me that made a difference during my weight loss journey.

“A lot has happened in those two years and it’s great to only have £ 30 for me.”

She detailed what contributed to the situation, declared a new relationship, and moved in with her partner, where they had to learn “a balance” between each other’s eating habits, as well as the pandemic and torn Achilles tendon.

“I don’t use any of these reasons as excuses, just a reminder that I can go back to my lowest level. I’ve set realistic goals that I know I can achieve, ”she said.

The response to the post has been overwhelmingly positive. Many thanked Danielle for being “honest” and sharing her own experiences with weight gain after weight loss.

In a later post, Danielle said she was pleased with the support she received and said she wanted to show that weight loss “is not a straight line”.

“You have some good days where you hit record lows and other days you’ve been on the right track for three weeks, gained four pounds and said, ‘How the hell is that possible? ‘”She said.” You have to sort of adjust to trust the process

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