Kim Kardashian’s private coach makes use of simply 5 strikes to heat up and construct extra muscle in her exercises – this is how

Kim Kardashian has maintained a famously fit physique over the years, while spending a lot of time perfecting her workout routine with fitness instructor Melissa Alcantara. Alcantara is an expert when it comes to boosting strength and fitness gains and shared the warm-up routine she uses to do just that.

Before picking up your usual weights for strength training, such as B. a pair of the best adjustable dumbbells, a warm-up routine is essential. A 30-second bout of lunges and toe-touching won’t do the trick, but you can still keep your warm-ups simple and time-efficient.

Alcantara (opens in new tab) recently shared with Women’s Health (opens in new tab) that 85% of her and Kim’s time is spent weight training. This celebrity trainer is as committed to being efficient and maximizing wins as we all are, and her five-stroke warm-up is her answer.

The routine is easy to repeat and requires no equipment, so it’s ideal for performing at home, and when you’re at the gym all you need to do is find a spot to stretch out. She recommends doing this circuit before an upper or lower body session and after two to three rounds “you should be sweating.”

Check out Melissa Alcantara’s full-body workout warm-up

There is some debate in the fitness world as to whether stretching before a strength session is beneficial to exercise results or whether it can actually decrease muscle strength and power.

A study published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research (opens in new tab) found that static stretching prior to strength-based training can interfere with “maximum force production” during exercise.

On the other hand, there is research in the Journal of Exercise Rehabilitation (opens in new tab) suggesting that warm-up exercises appear to have a “meaningful effect on athletic performance by providing psychological stability, preparation, and confidence for exercise performance”.

Alcantara considers a warm-up an essential way to get the most out of your workout. She explained on Instagram: “Most people warm up within their sets, which sometimes takes up to 20-30 minutes of your actual workout, meaning that 20-30 minutes of where you’re not working out as efficiently as you could.” , mean you sacrifice profits!” .

Warming up is also a great way to prevent injuries during exercise. People’s lifestyles are much more sedentary these days, either because you don’t want to or because your job requires you to be at a desk all day. So it’s a good idea to wake up your muscles and make sure they feel activated before a workout.

We’ve listed her five essential moves below for you to try before your next workout. Or maybe you just want to use it as a nice stretch for after work or a long drive somewhere.

  • 5 cat cows
  • 10 Down dogleg lifts on each side
  • 10 Plank knee to elbow (slow motion)
  • 10 plank knee knockers
  • 10 Superman push-ups

If you’re wondering how Alcantara shapes Kim Kardashian’s workouts to keep her in consistently good shape, she previously told StyleCaster (opens in new tab) that she applies the same training to Kim that she applies to herself. “I approach Kim’s training the same way I approach mine,” she noted.

As with anyone trying to build muscle and strength, it’s important to keep adding weight to your exercises to see results. Progressive overload is a technique designed to gradually increase the challenge of your workout, leading to muscle hypertrophy. Typical resistance exercises used by Alcantara and Kim include hip thrusts, reverse lunges, chest presses, and shoulder presses.

Kim sometimes shares snippets of her workouts on her Instagram and often shares the features of the Stairmaster exercise machine. The stairmaster workout is a great way to burn fat while training your lower body. But if you don’t have access to one of these machines, walking on an incline can be a great substitute.

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