Kickoff occasion for the Whataburger and Texans Houston Meals Financial institution Fundraiser

For the fifth year in a row Whataburger and the Houston Texans are raising money for the Houston Food Bank. From October 5 to October 26, every customer who donates $ 1 while visiting Whataburger will receive a thank you certificate for a free Whataburger with their purchase of a medium-sized french fry and a 32-ounce drink.

To kick off the program, Whataburger and the Houston Texans will be offering breakfast to all staff and volunteers on Tuesday October 6th this year when they arrive at the Houston Food Bank. By donating and supporting this program, Whataburger and the Houston Texans will provide much-needed funds to support the nearly 1.1 million diet unsafe people in the Houston community.

Last year raised $ 125,905, bringing the Houston Food Bank to $ 563,581 for four years and serving nearly 1.7 million meals to our neighbors.

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