Karrueche Tran talks about studying mindfulness: “I am unable to do all the things. I am unable to be all the things and that is okay.

From stylist to model to Emmy-winning actress, we’ve watched Karrueche Trans’ career continue to thrive and expand. And with such a demanding and competitive career, the Claws star has sometimes found that she neglects her sanity to achieve her goals. Karrueche opened up about her busy schedule, how she handles career comparisons and working in wellness practices.

“It’s a struggle, it’s important to pay attention to what’s real and what’s not. Because when you’re on Instagram and you’re scrolling and you know, this person booked this or this person booked this job, and we’re re-evaluating them, or we’re evaluating ourselves, we’re comparing ourselves, and I had to let that go,” she confessed in an interview with Yahoo.

“I can’t do everything, I can’t be everything… and that’s okay,” she says.

Karrueche first gained popularity when she started dating Chris Brown in 2011, but since their split she has worked to make a name for herself in entertainment. She starred in Claws, the web series The Bay, where she became the first Asian-American Pacific Islander to win an Emmy, and recently appeared in Bel-Air.

In recent years, however, the 34-year-old has learned to “become more mindful of what I say to myself and what I think in my head and how that affects my everyday life”.

“When you have that kind of energy in your brain all the time, eventually it rushes out, whether in your energy, whether in your words, whether it becomes stressful on your body or even acne.”

She added: “I’ve had to learn to accept whatever it is. ‘Are you a little nervous?’ ‘It’s good.’ ‘How can we get through this?’ ‘Take a deep breath.’ “Let’s do some research.” “What can you do to prepare yourself?” You know, I found ways to turn that negativity or that anxiety into fuel.”

As she becomes more aware of how she talks to herself, she engages in another wellness practice she participates in, sound baths. She said she got into sound baths after a friend introduced her to it and the actress started having Instagram Live sessions during the pandemic.

“We actually got a lot of great feedback and to this day people are like, ‘Do your sound baths again.’ So it’s really interesting that even practically humans could still feel some sort of effect from it,” she shared.

According to Very Well Mind, sound baths are “a meditative experience in which those present are ‘bathed’ in sound waves. These waves are generated from a variety of sources, including healing instruments such as gongs, singing bowls, percussion, chimes, rattles, tuning forks, and even the human voice itself.”

Karrueche also cites hot yoga and time in the sun as other wellness practices that have helped her mental health.

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