Julianne Moore reveals the wonder routine she swears by

Julianne Moore has revealed the beauty trick she swears by twice a day – and it’s not your normal routine.

The actress, who last year introduced the two face creams in her skincare routine that help her skin look flawless, now says this beauty trick helps her wake up every day.

The 61-year-old told the Wall Street Journal (opens in new tab) that she loves taking two Epsom salt baths a day to soothe her skin and prepare it for the day.

The ‘Still Alice’ actress told the publication: “I like to take a bath with two full cups of Epsom salts morning and night or not.”

Whether you love trying the best bubble bath, oils, and salts in your bath – Epsom salts are great for relieving muscle tension throughout your body – and they’re a great way to keep your skin soft.

Julianne isn’t the first actress to admit her love for Epsom salts either – last year Emilia Clarke revealed the $13 product was one of her beauty favourites. In an interview with the Sunday Telegraph, Emilia named Westlabs Reviving Epsom Bath Salt as one of her six favorite products.

Julianne went on to say that sleep, water and coffee are also an important part of her daily routine. She said: “I’ve recently discovered that my ideal sleep cycle is from midnight to 8am. When I can do that, I feel amazing.” When she wakes up, she admits that the first thing she does is “drink two large glasses of water with chlorophyll” because she knows it’s good for her skin, too.

The actress, who currently stars in the film adaptation of Broadway’s Dear Evan Hansen, continued, “Well, I counteract the chlorophyll with a lot of coffee. Then I make my own smoothie with banana and pineapple and spinach and coconut water and coconut oil and Vital Proteins’ collagen powder.”

And while Julianne’s makeup artist recently revealed the secrets to achieving a perfect base, the actress also revealed that she uses Furtuna Skin Face Oil and Furtuna Ski to keep her skin glowing.

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