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Judie Yvonne Bible

Judie Yvonne (Jones) Bible departed for her heavenly home at the Timber Ridge Facility in Ocala, FL on Monday, December 19, 2022 at 6:15 p.m.

She was born on October 15, 1951. She was carried on in death by parents Charles (Anna) Jones. She was survived by husband Carl Sr. Raymond Bible and daughters Allison (Scott) Krajick and Monica Nicole Bible and sons Gary Jackson Hutchins, Jeffrey (Marty) Bible and Carl Jr. (Sue) Bible

Grandchildren Christina (Thomas)Trey Coffin, Crystal Payette. Jennifer (Bret) Seeger, Ken Bible, Abby Bible, Brittany Bible, Tom Bitzer, Rebecca (Richard) Warden. Isabella Bible, Lorelai Del-Valle, Roman Bible, Vivian Raye, Brandon Krajick, Chelsea (Jonathan) Miller, and Liam Martin Miller

She was a former longtime member of the Smyrna Presbyterian Church of Smyrna, TN. She attended Rockvale High School. Her nursing career began at Davidson Technical College, where she received her degrees in Laboratory Technology and Cardiovascular Technology. MA.

Her employers were TN Home Health Nurse Assistant. Home Nursing, Norrell Health Care. Mid-Cumberland Human Resource Agency as Supervisor over 3 districts.

The last place of work was The Centers Mental Health Facility of Ocala, FL.

She loved her family, the beach, travel, hay wagon rides, reunions, gardening, cooking, sewing, and an animal lover, especially dogs.

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