Journey to Weight Loss in Actual Life | I misplaced 40 kilos from consuming rice and exercising often

Real Life Weight Loss: Losing weight is a Herculean task for most people, especially if you are past a certain age group. But when lifestyle-related illnesses and ailments knock on the door, you need to get up and move. The customer of wellness coach Anupama Menon, Sunita Bathija, had a similar experience.Also Read – Modi Cabinet 2.0 Approves Rs 23K CR Package To Fight COVID-19; Important decisions after a day of major reshuffle

A hectic cry for help: Sunita was bedridden with severe back problems, had urinary incontinence the doctor wasn’t sure she would recover from, and unsurprisingly she suffered from indigestible depression. But luckily the struggle within her had not taken flight. Determined to recover, she asked Anupama Menon’s help. Also Read – 5 Fruit Combinations You Must Avoid

Sunita has lost 41 kg in 1.5 years: Anupama told in an interaction about Sunita’s weight loss journey: “The Sunita who was tied to her bed weighed 105 kg and the Sunita I bless every day for giving me the opportunity there to work with her, weighs 64 “kilos, looks like a dream in” old age “, is still dying to conquer the world.” Also Read – 5 Reasons Why Ayurveda Is Important For Pregnancy And The Puerperium | Ayurvedic tips inside

Her search for fitness was triggered by her back problems and her daughter’s U-turn. She lost these 41 kg in 1.5 years by continuing to educate herself while working with me, not only disciplining herself but also her thoughts, exercising regularly and, above all, asking me about everything I had planned for her. Mind you, in extreme trust and mutual cooperation. In terms of approach, she stuck with the cheat meal formula as it was an incredible aspect to be able to eat whatever she wanted, three times a week for 4 hours with no amount restrictions, Anupama shared.

Persistence and patience: As time passed and she noticed an increase in her activity and ease, she knew there was no going back and followed our mantra that there is no way to lose weight except through persistence and patience.

Rice for weight loss: Sunita announced that my diet would consist of foods that Anu learned on the trip that were good for me, and, quite unexpectedly, rice was right for me. I lost weight by eating rice which is why cheat meals were junk like chip mixes etc, things I never really miss. It’s interesting how your body knows what to give you. On her plan, as everything is so well balanced with vegetables, fruits, rice proteins and so on, as she made me believe in the concept that it is not about dieting, but about eating the right thing.

Anupama never encourages vigorous exercise as it believes it puts a strain on the body and prevents it from losing weight. My fitness regimen would consist of back exercises and 40-minute walks every day. Being with Anupama Menon brought a lot of discipline into my life and made it clear to me that to lose weight you don’t have to go without food, but only eat the right foods at the right time and according to your food pyramid, following the right training routine and that Will to change. My FAITH IN ANUPAMA has helped me and has been with me throughout my weight loss journey. All I can say is: BELIEVE IN YOU. Sunita continues.

Sunitas Diet and Exercise Program:

  1. 6.15 a.m .: with a lemon shot followed by a cup of black coffee.
  2. 8:00 am: I have a cup of poha / rice noodles or 2 servings, then I go to my workout, which includes an hour of joint strengthening exercises or a 40-minute walk.
  3. 11 a.m. 200-300 grams of fruit, then I go to work.
  4. 2:00 p.m .: Lunch includes a cup of rice, vegetables, lettuce, and half a cup of cottage cheese.
  5. 5 p.m .: Bhel / Ghee Roasted Makhana / Glass of cold milk-based coffee.
  6. Dinner is usually at 7:30 pm and includes proteins such as fish / tofu or dal chillas with vegetables and a cup of salad.

Above all, I enjoy three cheat meals a week for four hours each, during which I drink unlimited and unhealthy junk including alcohol to my heart’s content.

Today Sunita has a perfect score of 10 on all of her blood markers, steps on her feet with no sign of the back that bit her not long ago. She has all her muscles perfectly under control and her smile shows that anxiety and depression no longer recognize her.

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