Jimmy Kimmel cannot recover from Kim Jong-Un’s dramatic weight reduction

Usually hearing the name of North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un on the news is not a good thing – at least in America. If not because he threatens to destroy us with all his nuclear power, but because he tortures and murders American students or sends Donald Trump sweet, possibly fragrant love letters. Which makes the fact that he is making the headlines for his newly slim appearance completely unexpected and somehow bizarre.

On Thursday, Jimmy Kimmel shared some footage of a visibly stripped – and tanned – Kim taking part in a parade in North Korea:

“Kim Jong-un, the leader of North Korea, has been out of sight for a long time. But he’s back and strutted with his things last night at a midnight parade in Pyongyang.

Damn, handsome! He’s like a young Wayne Newton … someone had a hot girls summer or something. They think he’s lost about 44 pounds … new suit, new haircut, tan.

“Rumor has it that this transformation might have to do with five new friends he made,” Kimmel continued while showing a (for the record: Photoshopped) picture of Kim with the Queer Eye boys.

While Kimmel admitted that Kim was “a monster,” he seemed genuinely pleased for the dictator’s horse: “The poor thing was exhausted.”


You can watch the full clip above, starting around the 1:05 mark.

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