Jennifer Lawrence Weight Loss: Exercise Routine That Does not Require a Strict Food plan

Jennifer Lawrence took the world by storm when she broke through as an actress in 2010. Over the years, the actress has maintained a toned physique – what has she said about diet and fitness?

The Oscar-winner has been very open about choosing her exercise and fitness schedule over her less strict diet, and she often extends her time in the gym depending on upcoming film roles.

She said: “I hate to say ‘I like sports’, I want to slap people in the face who say that.

“But it’s nice to be in shape for a film because basically they do everything for you. It’s like, ‘Here’s your coach. That’s what you can eat’.

“I don’t diet. I exercise! But I don’t diet. You can’t work when you’re hungry, you know?” she said to Glamour.

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“I get my picture taken when I don’t ask, so there’s extra pressure to look and feel good,” she explained in an interview with Vogue US

“It’s easier for me to put that extra effort into the gym than to put that extra effort into, ‘Oh no, I can’t eat that.'”

She credited her personal trainer, performance coach, and nutritionist with positively helping her transform her body.

“[Dalton Wong] I changed my body for this film but gave myself the skills to change my life,” she said.

“I could never live on a ‘diet.’ Dalton taught me how to eat, exercise and live a delicious but healthy life. I will always be grateful to him for that.”

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Her training involves short, regular, high-intensity interval training sessions using only bodyweight.

More recently, she played an ex-ballerina-turned-spy for her 2018 film Red Sparrow and worked with professional dance coach Kurt Froman, six days a week, three hours a day for three months.

Her regime included cross-training in the form of Pilates or toning and strength training.

Regarding the food, she revealed, “I’m not really on a diet or anything.

“I feel miserable when I’m on a diet and I like the way I look. I’m really sick of all these actresses looking like birds.

“I’d rather look a little chubby on camera and look like a person in real life than look great on screen and look like a scarecrow in real life.”

But for Red Sparrow, she had to get really strict with her diet.

“I’ve always wondered what it takes to get me to really diet, to be really hungry, because I’ve never done that for a movie,” she said.

“For Hunger Games, they told me to lose weight, and then I discovered Jack in the Box [a US fast food chain]. Red Sparrow was the first time I was really hungry and disciplined,” Jennifer told Vanity Fair.

But Wong said she likes to keep healthy snacks on hand on set, explaining, “In Jennifer’s trailer, we always had some full-fat Greek yogurt, some dark chocolate, some hummus and veggies.”

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