Jeera Water: Is It a Nice Strategy to Soften Stomach Fats?

Weight loss is not a joke. From eating healthily to exercising regularly, you have to work hard to lose extra pounds.

While there are many foods out there that will help you lose weight, jeera is high on the list. Yes you’ve read correctly. Cumin seeds are versatile and can be used raw, roasted or powdered. Cumin seeds are used in the making of curry, dals, raita and lettuce and are an inseparable part of the Indian diet.

However, a lesser known health benefit of Jeera is weight loss. When jeera is soaked in water overnight, the belly fat is said to melt away.

Jeera contains thymol, a chemical that tells the pancreas to produce bile, a hormone that regulates the digestion of carbohydrates and fats.

Sniffing aldehyde, a chemical found in cumin, also increases digestive enzymes in the body. It’s linked to improved metabolism, decreased insulin resistance, and is a great remedy for constipation.

Here are five ways jeera can help you lose weight.

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