January 6 Hearings: Dwell protection and newest updates

The Jan. 6 committee will share testimony showing Trump “privately knew he had lost,” despite continuing the “big lie,” Rep. Elaine Luria (D-Va.) said Monday before the final public hearing of the panel.

“We have direct testimonies, some of which we’re going to hear today, that people spoke directly to the former president to tell him he didn’t win,” Luria, a committee member, said in a CNN interview. “He was given all the information to show that all the data, the returns, so anyone who understood math would understand that he didn’t have the most votes and therefore wasn’t the winner.”

When asked if Trump understood that, Luria said, “What we’re going to hear will show that in the talks, privately, he knew he’d lost but chose to go public and continue to say that.” he won, and he still does today.”

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