James Corden particulars 16-pound weight reduction on Weight Watchers

Bring in the work! James Corden started its health journey with Weight Watchers (WW) one month after announcing its partnership with the brand.

The Late Late Show With James Corden, 42, attended WW Your Life in Focus virtual event on Saturday, February 13th to share his progress to date. He started his talk by reviewing his WW speaker video from January 2021, in which he announced that he was “fed up” with his unhealthy lifestyle and appearance.

“Even when I watch this video, I feel very emotional because I really felt it every year,” Corden said on Saturday. “I really felt like the definition of insanity really isn’t doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results, which is never going to happen.”

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The UK talk show host said he had reservations about joining the WW family and dieting in general because he said, “As a man, it is not historically very sexy to say you are dieting. Or, it’s kind of not very masculine to want to make changes in your own health because men drink beer and we go out and it doesn’t matter what you look like, all of those things. “

Now, however, Corden has changed his mind and stated that he has a new way of looking at weight loss.

“I actually think the most positive and sexiest thing you can do is say, ‘I want to be a little bit healthier. I want to be a healthier presence in my family for my children. I would like to feel better, ”he said.

Corden announced that he lost 16 pounds in five weeks after opting for the program. He credit his wife Julia Careywith a lot of success.

“My wife was amazing, all of my food trip she was really, really amazing with me,” he said. “And I’ve really realized in the past five weeks that I’m at the beginning of a journey that I really want to end, and I feel like I can.”

The prom actor stated that along with his meal plan for WW, he “did some exercises that I hate”. He added, “I just can’t take it, so I use the word hate. But my wife is so good at it. “

Last month, the comedian announced his partnership with the weight loss program in an emotional video on the WW YouTube page to mark the start of the new year. He vowed to lose weight after telling himself for 15 years that he would change his “unhealthy” lifestyle, but never stick it out.

Corden noted that his children Max, 9, Carey, 6 and Charlotte, 3 were part of his inspiration to finally take his health seriously.

“I don’t want to wake up tired or ashamed if I chase my son on the football field and run out of breath after three minutes,” he said.

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