I’ve misplaced 70 kilos – my favourite weight reduction snacks

  • I lost 70 pounds in eight months and enjoyed some delicious snacks along the way.
  • I love turning bananas into “snickers” and making yogurt bowls inspired by strawberry cheesecake.
  • Low calorie jalapeno poppers, apple nachos, and lime grapes are also some of my favorite snacks.

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I lost 70 pounds in eight months, but I still made sure to enjoy delicious food.

Most of all, I made sure I still had enough tasty things to make or grab whenever I wanted something between meals.

Here were some of my favorite snacks:

I use Laughing Cow Cheese to make the simplest of jalapeno poppers

I put two slices of Pepper Jack Laughing Cow cheese (any flavor will work) on top of six jalapeno halves, cover them with low-fat mozzarella, then put them in the microwave.

Each has around 15 calories and takes less than five minutes to cook.

Apple nachos are one of my favorite desserts

I love slicing any type of apple and sprinkling it with low-calorie peanut butter and whatever I want – low-sugar chocolate, coconut flakes, or light whipped cream.

Turkey, salad, and cheese roll-ups can be a snack or meal

I would eat one of these as a snack or make a few to turn it into a light lunch. My favorite combination was lettuce, turkey slices, cheddar cheese, and mustard or guacamole.

I liked making Greek yogurt taste like chocolate mousse

I’m so bored with plain Greek yogurt that I often mixed in unsweetened cocoa powder, chocolate chips, and fruit. It turns a boring breakfast into a decadent dessert.

I satisfy my cravings for cheesecake with a yogurt bowl

I love creating bowls inspired by strawberry cheesecake. All you need is strawberry yogurt, fresh berries, and some graham cracker crumbs.

The author is holding her banana

Banana “Snickers” (left) and strawberry cheesecake-inspired yogurt (right) are two of my favorite low-calorie desserts.

Spencer Morin

Pretzel Thins and Hummus is a classic combination

There are so many flavors to combine.

My favorite is garlic parmesan thins with jalapeño and coriander hummus – and maybe some guacamole if I feel like a change.

Banana ‘Snickers’ are so easy to make

To make these, simply top the banana slices with caramel, peanuts and sugar-free chocolate. You can eat it right away or freeze it for a fantastic midnight snack.

Lime juice can make grapes taste like sour candy

Just cut your grapes and squeeze some lime juice over them. Enjoy immediately or freeze.

Light popcorn goes perfectly with low-sugar chocolate chips

I loved doing it after dinner because it was the perfect combination of salty and sweet.

Any low-calorie popcorn works fine for this, but I prefer light kettle corn.

Celery goes well with guacamole

Celery can contain so many amazing things for a quick bite and I found it especially filling when paired with guac. I also combine celery with hummus or peanut butter powder.

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