ISSA begins licensed indoor biking teacher course

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PHOENIX, Arizona (February 8, 2021) The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA), the pioneer in the certification industry for personal training, announced the start of a prestigious indoor cycling course.

With the advent of home fitness classes during the height of a global pandemic, the indoor cycling course offers a certification for trainers that includes training on cycling techniques, developing programs, and ringing the “wow” factor that will get the best results for you Customer supplies.

“It’s so important that we develop programs that benefit more people with different body types and sports,” said Andrew Wyant, ISSA CEO. “The indoor cycling course gives coaches the right tools they need to bring classes outside of the frame to life and make training a more enjoyable experience.”

Indoor cycling is beneficial for both clients and coaches as it provides a way to achieve individual fitness goals with the added benefit of camaraderie. It focuses on core work, hamstring and quadriceps strengthening, endurance, and flexibility. It’s an ideal activity for all ages as low-impact indoor cycling training provides active recovery that helps rebuild muscles and relieves pain.

The ISSA Certified Indoor Cycling Course gives coaches a competitive advantage through teaching:

  • Fundamentals of human anatomy and movement
  • Energy systems and performance
  • Bicycle-specific nutritional needs
  • How to expand your skills as an instructor
  • Class design, equipment and driving techniques

Once certified, indoor cycling trainers can provide a fun and results-oriented atmosphere that customers keep coming back to.

Via the International Sports Sciences Association

The International Sports Sciences Association (ISSA) is a global leader and pioneer in the certification industry for personal training. For more than 30 years, ISSA has endeavored to provide the highest quality certification programs by combining gym experience with practical applied science and building trust to help people achieve their goals. The ISSA offers 22 specializations in personal training, including senior fitness, exercise therapy and corrective exercises. To date, the ISSA has trained more than 300,000 students and placed personal trainers in 143 countries. At the same time, it has developed better access to opportunities that promote a healthier world:

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