Is Planet Health open on Halloween? opening and shutting occasions

Halloween is here and October 31st falls on a Monday this time. If you’re a fitness freak or someone who strictly adheres to a fitness schedule, Halloween is not the day to take a day off. Find out here if Planet Fitness will be open on Halloween 2022 or not.

Planet Fitness might be the most popular place to work out in the US. In fact, as of October 2022, there are 2,249 Planet Fitness locations across the United States. If you have the membership, you are definitely the one who takes care of their health.

The reason so many people go to Planet Fitness for their regular workout routine is the excellent service the brand provides. There is free training, clean and up-to-date equipment, and spacious areas where you can train without judgement.

All of this is available for a cheap monthly fee starting at $10 per month. That’s why Planet Fitness is perfect for your fitness needs.

Is Planet Fitness open on Halloween 2022?

Yes, Planet Fitness will remain open on Halloween 2022, which falls on October 31, 2022. The popular gym and fitness center will keep all of its locations operating during the spooky holiday with no changes to regular business hours.

That means you can visit your nearest Planet Fitness Outlet without worrying that it’s closed on Halloween. It’s better than adjusting hours or shortening your schedule than skipping your workouts altogether.

Do Planet Fitness locations stay open 24 hours on Halloween?

Yes, Planet Fitness gyms and fitness centers will remain open for 24 hours on Halloween 2022. There are no changes to their regular schedule for the spooky festival. The brand claims they don’t want people skipping workouts.

As such, most (if not all) Planet Fitness locations will remain open for 24 hours on and during Halloween 2022. This is very helpful for making changes to your regular schedule to watch the Festival of Dread celebrations.

I also recommend calling your local Planet Fitness location and asking if they are open and what their hours are before stepping out. This saves you time and effort, especially when you walk to the gym.

Are local gyms open on Halloween 2022?

Most local gyms will remain open on Halloween 2022. Only some of the gyms in the United States and Canada will be on hiatus as it is a national holiday. Some of the gyms also operate on a custom schedule.

Therefore, the best way to find out the correct opening and closing times for the gym you visit each day is to call them first before you get out. So you don’t have to compromise on your fitness and can celebrate the spooky party.

If your gym is closed, there are many home workouts available online to try for the day. You can also take a day off and let your body rest if you’ve been exercising intensely in the past week.

The ultimate choice is yours. What are your plans for Halloween this time?

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