Is Corey sick from ‘Pawn Stars’? Corey Harrison talks about weight reduction

“Chumlee thought we were going to be fat guys together forever or something, and once I lost a lot of weight, Chumlee suddenly starts losing weight too,” Corey recalled. “I’m proud of him, you know? He did everything with diet and exercise and lost almost 100 pounds. “

However, when asked if Chumlee looked as good as him, Corey turned wise. “Of course not!” he was joking. “He’s the buddy! Let’s not forget that. “

For his part, Chumlee reflected on his weight loss in a 2014 interview with People. “It was time for me to get well,” Chumlee told the magazine. “I started at 320 [pounds] and now I’m at 225. When I started I eliminated all processed foods except mustard. “Everything in measure” is my motto now. “

Corey, meanwhile, told the magazine that fans congratulated him on his weight loss. “They actually say, ‘You look just like this pawn star guy, but you’re a lot thinner and look better than him.’ I say, ‘Trust me, if I pretended to be someone, it wouldn’t be this pawn star guy.’ ”

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