Is Brian Laundrie’s mum risking prison expenses over her ‘burning after studying’ letter? That is what authorized consultants say – CNN

  1. Is Brian Laundrie’s mum risking criminal charges over her ‘burning after reading’ letter? That’s what legal experts say to CNN
  2. Gabby Petito’s parents read the ‘Burn after Reading’ letter from Laundrie’s mother WSLS 10
  3. Gabby Petito’s parents will receive a copy of the letter Brian Laundrie’s mother allegedly wrote to WHIO
  4. “Burning after reading” note Brian Laundrie’s mother wrote about the disposal of the body was made public on KOMO News
  5. The mother of the man who killed Gabby Petito said in a letter she would help her son “dispose of a body,” according to The Associated Press
  6. For full coverage, see Google News

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