Insurgent Wilson says “simply strolling” was the primary issue behind her weight reduction

During 2020 Rebel Wilson documented her “Year of Health” on social media. The Pitch Perfect actress described her goals in an Instagram post earlier last year and told her followers that her main focus was on losing 60 pounds. Wilson ultimately achieved her goals for the Year of Health and shared more about her journey, including how walking became an important part of her exercise routine.

“I used to do little diets and things and try to lose a few pounds here and there,” Wilson told Extra. “This is the first time I haven’t put on weight again.”

Wilson believes things were different this time because she was looking at the full picture of her health instead of just trying to lose weight. “I think because I’ve approached the subject from all walks of life… the biggest thing I’ve never worked on was the emotional side. I think I suffered from classic emotional eating, ”she revealed. “So I really worked on this site.”

Wilson fans will be surprised to learn that walking played an important role in their journey into the Year of Health. “The most important thing is just walking,” said Wilson. “I did all of these high-tech tests on myself in my health year. They said that walking was actually the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat.”

This isn’t the first time the 40-year-old actress has raved about the health benefits of walking. Back in December, she shared an IGTV video in which she talked about her own experience of including more walking in her exercise routine. “I know that I am in a fortunate position with access to really amazing personal trainers. But I want you to know that for most of the exercises I did this year, I was just walking, ”she told her followers. “It’s free, you can do it, it’s safe.”

“For me – for my body type – walking is the best way to metabolize fat,” she continued. “On the physical side, my biggest tip, folks, is to get out and walk. If you can do an hour, I’ll be happy to do it when I go for a walk, and it’s for the best. Just get your body moving. “

Wilson also raved about her newfound love for hiking. “I never thought I’d like to hike – go uphill. Who would have thought this would be a fun activity? But freak, it’s good! “She said.” Get out in the nature. Get air in your lungs. I really, really love it, so I do it all the time now. “

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