Insurgent Wilson Reveals Stunning Secret To 70 Pound Weight Loss

Rebel Wilson has opened up on what she believes was 100% aided by her most recent 70 pound weight loss. The Australian actress is now a shadow of her former self as she enjoys her new healthy lifestyle, and every Instagram update from her leaves the media bursting at the seams.

Rebel vowed to make 2020 their “Year of Health”. After hitting her target weight of 165 pounds last fall, the 41-year-old has now plunged a staggering 70 pounds.

Rebel Wilson Talks Weight Loss Details

Scroll for photos. Rebels recent snaps show her super-slim figure in pink swimwear from a vacation, and in 2021 she will also see the stars’ rock-chic designer looks during their European trips.

Rebel, who runs wellness brand Olly, opened up on Instagram Live last year, where she revealed a mindful approach to eating and a refreshing approach to exercise. No fancy pants or Kardashian-style gym equipment for this star. It’s more like old-fashioned outdoor walking.

“I’m in a lucky position … I have access to really great personal trainers, but I want you to know that most of the exercises I’ve done this year have been just a walk for me,” she stated. “It’s free, you can do it, it’s safe.” The “Pitch Perfect” star revisited the topic of low-intensity exercises when she opened up to Shape this year and told the magazine:

“That’s when I learned that moderate – not even fast – walking is the best way for me to lose unnecessary body fat.”

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The body-positive actress, who has admitted she’s still battling food and using chocolate as a vice on hard days, made headlines for continuing to indulge in candy, but she burns it. Rebel listens to podcasts as she gets in: “I know it’s getting colder … but just give it a try. If you can do an hour – I like to do that when I go for a walk – it’s for the best, ”she added.

Wilson, followed by over 10 million on Instagram, has seen fans wonder if she lost a little too much weight, but most seem to think the Senior Year actress almost never looks. She even nabbed an Olly partnership during her weight loss – the vitamin gum brand is also led by 35-year-old actress Kaley Cuoco. Raving about her love for the outdoors, Rebel concluded:

“Oddly enough, I never thought I’d love to hike and go uphill,” adding, Who would have thought it would be a fun activity? But damn it is good. To be in nature, bring this air into your lungs. I really love it and that’s why I do it all the time now. “

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