Installing Door Hinge Bolts – Residential Doors

Door hinge screws are one of the most frequently overlooked parts of a door. While the basic idea that they are used to attach the door to the hinges is true, they are often overlooked. The door is actually anchored to two main frames so they’re not always apparent when the door opens. Many people forget to fix the Fringe Screw correctly and end up forgetting about them.

Door hinges can be purchased with the standard set of screws

However, you may require additional accessories in case you want an alternative style or finish. You can get a 24 pack of self drilling screw as well as varnish, oil dyes, rubber washers and rubber feet and washer grease. These items can be purchased at your local hardware store or on the internet. You can also find instructions for installing door hinges online.

Door hinges are typically made from brass hardware. Nowadays, many manufacturers have changed to nickel hardware in order to reduce manufacturing costs. The less expensive metal finish usually makes a significant difference in the price of hinges for doors. The most well-known finishes include satin nickel rosewood, or chocolate brown. If you’re not sure which finish you prefer, start by choosing a metal door hinge screw. Once you’ve decided on the color or finish, you can choose from the available hardware options to create your own door hinges or buy them already installed.

Zinc coated hinges for doors are becoming more popular since they provide 2×4 protection against theft. The added protection is in the form of zinc coating at the point where the door joins the frame. This prevents the door from getting damaged should someone push through it. Because the hinge screws for doors are already provided with zinc-coated finishes, it’s a breeze to complete. You just need to add two more pieces of wood to reinforce the screw, then tap the two pieces together to secure it in place.

You will need to have a few things if you decide to put in hinges yourself rather than buying hardware from a hardware store. The first thing you’ll require is the screws for the door hinges as well as additional hardware, such as washers and a nut. The installation costs an additional charge. This will vary depending on how big the screws for your door hinges are and the kind of hardware you pick. If you’re able to install hinges for residential doors yourself, I suggest you purchase the hardware separately. This way you can be certain that you are not paying a hefty mark-up.

It is easy to set up residential doors. However, installing hinges on doors is a task that should be left to those with previous experience working with door hinges. If you decide to tackle it yourself, make sure you practice the installation process at least two times before you begin the actual installation. Installing doors in a residential setting is not difficult but it requires a bit of practice and concentration on detail.

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