In Daddy Yankees Weight Loss Journey and Routine

Unlike virtually anyone who has put on a few pounds in the past year, Daddy Yankee (real name: Ramón Luis Ayala Rodríguez) is showing fans what hard work and dedication look like when it comes to keeping your body up. The Puerto Rican superstar took advantage of quarantine downtime to get in shape and shared his progress with fans.

What’s the Secret Behind Daddy Yankees Weight Loss?

It was around May 2020 when Daddy Yankee began his current fitness journey. On May 18, the King of Reggaetón posted a video of himself wearing black training gear while walking up stairs with weights. In the headline he asked: “Who put on weight in this quarantine? Who signs up to lose it? “

The best thing about Daddy Yankee’s way of losing weight and getting fit is that he’s so open to it on his social media. The very next day, May 19, he posted another video of himself, this time showing cardio training with a skipping rope. “I’m still on a mission,” he told fans.

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Daddy Yankee made it clear that he just wants to get back in shape and that he’s not on an out of control mission to lose weight. He posted a #TBT picture of himself on a paddleboard that looked extremely fit and jokingly asked, “Who is THAT?” In the caption.

He also said in Spanish that his goal was to be like this guy in 2011.

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Daddy Yankee has been very public about his training and likes to share his workouts to motivate others to get fit too.

He loves cardio and in addition to skipping ropes and running, Daddy Yankee also enjoys exercising. In another video he posted of himself, “doing cardio in a fun way,” he catches and throws a baseball in three rounds of 30s.

He also does a lot of strength and weight training, as he shared on his Instagram.

The “Gasolina” singer published many different types of weight exercises, including barbell presses and battle ropes, to increase his overall strength.

In the end, Daddy Yankee’s hard work paid off.

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By July 2020, he had lost 25 pounds and his results on his social media titled “The Sacrifice Is Hard But In The End You See The Results.” Released. You sure can!

The Reggatonero looks fitter and leaner than ever, especially when compared to the early days of his training videos.

Papa Yankee was also honest with his struggle to lose weight, saying that “patience and discipline are important not to get discouraged.”

Although he was still a few pounds away from his goal, Daddy Yankee said, “I hope someone is motivated today to make a change in their life. Health comes first! “

We cheer you on from the sidelines, Daddy Yankee!

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