If there’s a drawback with hen pores and skin, comply with these house cures

Our skin cannot always remain the same. It’s about to change. A change in the skin can be seen with age and these are small white bumps on the skin in the under eye area. Yes, and it happens to everyone. It’s actually called chicken skin. Yes, and often they look very predictable and uneven under the eyes. If they are irritable or open at the same time, this problem can be serious. In such a situation, you should immediately contact the doctor. However, this problem usually starts from the age of 30, which can be seen not only on the face, but also on the hands and feet. Now we will explain the cause of chicken skin and home remedies to remedy it.

Causes of chicken skin

They are often due to a food reaction. Apart from that, the problem of chicken skin can often be caused by the keratin protein clogged in the skin pores. At the same time, this problem can also occur when dead skin accumulates in the hair follicles.

home remedies for chicken skin

humidify – The problem of corns on dry skin can be more serious. Yes, and in such a situation, as much as possible, preserving the moisture of the skin and continue to apply lotion.

– Take a bath with warm water Take a bath with warm water and take a bath by rubbing it well. This keeps the pores of the skin clean and there are no swelling problems.

Use of humidifier – To keep your skin hydrated, consider using a humidifier at home. In fact, it naturally retains moisture in your skin.

Uses of rose water: Rose water contains anti-inflammatory agents. Yes, and if you wipe the skin with the help of cotton, then there is no such problem on the skin.

Using OTC Cream – You can use OTC cream. It works to block the follicles immediately so that the corn problem does not increase.

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