If the heels are torn, apply mustard oil by mixing it on this factor.

Torn heels have become a common problem for every woman these days and it’s like a bad dream. Imagine you didn’t buy anyone a sandal to wear on your next outing, and torn ankles ruined your plan! Yes, and how often does that happen? By the way, to fix this, you can put a cream in your feet for a few days, but the same thing happens again. In such a situation, some home remedies can be applied.

Yes, and you will know anyway that cracked heels not only look dirty, they often start to hurt. If you are also looking for a cracked ankle solution in such a situation, then you should try this home recipe using mustard oil. Yes, in fact, mustard oil contains a good amount of vitamin E and moisturizes the skin. Along with this, it helps fill in the cracked ankles and helps keep your feet looking soft and beautiful. Today we tell you how mustard oil can help you.

What do you need –

2 teaspoons paraffin wax/white wax
Half a cup of mustard oil

What to do- To use, first heat mustard oil in a saucepan. After that, now add paraffin wax or white wax and heat it for 20 seconds and turn off the gas. After that, mix the oil and wax well until the two are well blended together. Now, when the mixture is lukewarm, apply it well to your chapped ankles and put on socks. After that, get up in the morning and wash your feet with warm water and apply a good moisturizing cream to your feet. If you apply this mask regularly, your heels will also look soft.

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