If ft are minimize from new sneakers or sandals then these house cures will come in useful for you

In addition to clothing accessories and makeup, people all over the world also pay attention to shoes to enhance their looks. And people choose the best footwear for themselves. However, there are times when new shoes or slippers cause sores on the feet. If this happens to you too, we have brought you home remedies that will come in handy for you.

Coconut oil will be helpful – You can use coconut oil to heal the sores of the feet and relieve irritation. And when the wound is deeper, burn the coconut leaves and turn them to ashes. Then mix with coconut oil and apply to the wound. As a result, not only will the wounds on your feet begin to heal quickly, but the stigmata will also disappear over time.

Treasure- Honey helps relieve the pain and irritation of the foot injury. And by using it, the feet will get moisturizer and your feet will start to heal quickly. However, for better results, you can mix honey in olive oil and apply it on the wound.

rice flour Rice flour removes dead skin cells from the feet and proves to be helpful in healing wounds and removing signs of injury. In such a situation, you mix some water into the rice flour, prepare a paste and apply it to the wound and wash your feet with lukewarm water after drying them.

Aloe vera gel – Rich in medicinal properties, aloe vera gel soothes irritation by nourishing the skin of the feet. With its use, wounds on the feet also begin to heal quickly.

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