Hydrow Sale for Labor Day 2021: The favored rowing machine for the house has a cute Labor Day provide

In addition to the bittersweet farewell to summer, Labor Day also offers a variety of offers from mattresses and activewear to fitness equipment. Enter: The Hydrow Sale. The popular rowing machine for the home is getting up on the LDW sales train with a seductive package deal that offers more than $ 275 in savings (!). With the peak of the hot Vax summer and the news of rising Delta variants, home fitness equipment is becoming a hot commodity again, so take advantage of this offer while you can.

When looking for a rowing machine, you want to assess its noise level, ease of maintenance, storage options, and range of functions. The hydrow machine includes a 22-inch touchscreen, front-facing speakers, and an electromagnetic braking mechanism that mimics the pull of oars, SELF previously wrote. And we get it, a rowing machine isn’t exactly the most space-saving piece of equipment, but the Hydrow allows for convenient vertical storage when you’re not using it.

One thing that keeps some people from starting an exercise routine at home is the lack of community you would otherwise get at a group gym or gym. However, Hydrow does offer an app that allows you to interact with trainers and other Hydrow users, as well as live and on-demand courses. The on-screen graphics are designed to make you feel like you are on the water with your coaches, and you can also go on solo trips that are all about you and the water. You can choose from locations like Vermont, Arizona, Miami Beach and even London. While it may sound dystopian, “traveling” with your Hydrow may be the safest way to see the world amid a pandemic.

With all the bells and whistles from Hydrow comes a higher value price. The machine itself regularly costs $ 2,245 plus an additional $ 39 monthly membership fee. But through Monday, September 6th, you can score the Hydrow’s Labor Day Package, which includes the Hydrow Rower, Machine Mat, Free Personal Coaching Session (typically $ 49 per session), Free Standard Delivery (typically $ 150), and a one-year warranty that all adds up to more than $ 275 worth of savings. If you’ve only tried your hand at indoor rowing a few times, this free personal coaching session can prove to be invaluable. In addition, the Hydrow comes with a 30-day risk-free trial. So if you buy it, try it out, and find that rowing just isn’t your thing, you can return it for a full refund.


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