Huw Edwards’ three stone weight reduction: See BBC Newscaster’s transformation

Last modified on 06/02/2022 10:31 AM BST

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Huw Edwards looks fit during his coverage of the fight Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. But you know how that Trooping the Color Host got in shape?

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The 60-year-old BBC presenter had previously revealed the secret of his drama weight lossafter losing three stone due to a new diet and fitness routine in 2019. He’s since been keeping fans updated on his progress on Instagram, showing off his noticeably slimmer physique and revealing that boxing owes much of that progression to his credit.

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Speaking of daily mirror back then, He said: “Boxing training is going pretty well. I box two or three times a week. I do TRX too, but only once a week in the park, otherwise people think I’m going completely crazy.”

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Huw trains with former professional boxer Clinton McKenzie and has previously said how much better he feels since losing weight. The father-of-five also appears to have eliminated sugar from his diet and joked he was in “cake hell” as he tried to resist the temptation of a sugary cupcake at work.

Huw Edwards threw down three stones

Huw told it recently Men’s Health UK Columnist Alastair Campbell that he still works out two or three times a week and benefits from it both mentally and physically.

With two decades of experience managing his mental health, Huw has ways of dealing with it and explains that boxing is a key strategy.

The newscaster also eats healthy

“I’m pretty aware that I’ve suffered – and do suffer – from depression. It’s not fear, although it involves fear, but it tends to hit me in a strong wave and then go away,” he said.

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“It’s one of the things I can do when I feel like I’m on the slide. I can pull myself out.”

According to a study by a gym group, exercise is known to alleviate mental health issues Anytime Fitness UK to discover that walking and going to the gym are the most beneficial physical activities for people’s mental health.

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