Houston’s Ho household takes over your TV in HBO Max’s “Home of Ho”

Houston is no stranger to the spotlight. With celebrities from Jim Parsons to Simone Biles to Beyoncé, the city of Bayou is represented in various ways on the big stage.

Now there’s a new name to join this ever-growing roster: Ho. As in the Houston’s multi-million dollar real estate empire Ho family. The affluent, close-knit Vietnamese family is at the center of House of Ho, HBO Max’s new Crazy Rich Asians-meets-Keeping Up with the Kardashians-style reality series that premieres December 10th.

House of Ho chronicles the daily life of the power couple Binh and Hue Ho, who immigrated to Texas from war-torn Vietnam with little money before working their way to the top and realizing the ultimate American dream, as well as their now grown-up children. Judy and Washington Ho (a third sibling, Reagan, will not appear on the show); Washington’s wife, Lesley; and Ho extended family members Aunt Tina and cousin Sammy.

As the trailer suggests, there will be a ton of perfect TV dramas mixed in with all of these opulent homes, lavish clothes, fancy cars, and extravagant luxuries: Washington is ready to take his place as the head of the family business. But Father Binh is not sure if he is ready. Meanwhile, the “old school” Ho parents are not satisfied with Judy’s recent divorce.

And who knows, you might even see yourself in the background.

House of Ho premieres on HBO Max on December 10. See the full trailer below.

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