Houston Meals: Sinh Sinh in Asiatown is known for its Chinese language BBQ

HOUSTON, Texas – Houston’s Asiatown is known for its incredible food. But few places are as iconic as Sinh Sinh.

The family-owned Chinese-Vietnamese restaurant has been around for several decades and serves Chinese BBQ.

The guests love the juicy roast duck and the crispy roast pork.

Sinh Sinh also offers live seafood such as king crab and crab, which you can order straight from the tank.

Sinh Sinh is a family affair with several generations working to keep the beloved restaurant running.

“My parents are probably the hardest-working people I’ve ever seen,” said Adam Ling. “They worked as hard as they could to provide for our families. We grew up in poverty and I am so happy that we have parents who are so committed to making our lives better. ”

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