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“Where do you see yourself in six months?” It only took this question from a friend to give Bailey Shaffer an idea. As the COVID pandemic dragged on, she knew it was time for a change.

“I worked in healthcare for a number of years when COVID struck and everything changed. After six months of experience as a postoperative nurse, our department made the switch to exclusively care for COVID patients,” she said.

Bailey attended an on-site careers fair at LMH Health in the fall of 2021 and interviewed directors of care at the hospital. She was hired on the spot and entered the ER in December with a full-time position on the day shift. It didn’t take long for Bailey to realize that LMH Health was an exceptional place to work and shared this with everyone she knew.

A family affair

Gilda Singleton has been involved in healthcare for many years in a variety of roles, both professional and personal. She had worked in home health care, insurance and dentistry, and was married to a firefighter. Caring for her parents as her health deteriorated, her father urged Gilda to seek a higher position.

“He told me to take care of people,” she shared. “I did and earned my CNA license while taking care of my parents who were both in hospice. End-of-life care has been the most difficult and rewarding thing I have ever done.”

This experience led Gilda to work in healthcare, ranging from bloodletting to working with heart patients. She knew she was destined for this job, which also came with an added benefit—she worked on the same floor in the same hospital as her daughter, Bailey.

When Bailey fell in love with LMH Health’s ER, its culture and its staff, it was only natural that she shared it with Gilda. She applied and accepted an ER position in February 2022. She works as a part-time technician – assisting nurses, transporting patients, cleaning rooms and helping in any shape and form she can.

“Bailey told me how lucky I was to work at LMH and that I was ready for a change. It was the best thing I’ve ever done, besides having my three kids,” she said. “I feel like I’m achieving something, so I always give more because I’m part of the team and I want to provide excellent care.”

What is LMH all about?

Bailey and Gilda both shared that while healthcare is currently facing a number of challenges, the teamwork and camaraderie they have experienced at LMH Health has been nothing short of amazing.

“There was one weekend when we were pretty understaffed. Jan Wiebe – the ED Director – came on her day off and sat down with a patient who needed care just so we could have extra help,” explained Bailey.

Gilda enthusiastically agreed.

“Our entire management team does that – our care manager, Jen Lemus, everyone. The dynamic here is so great,” she said. “It’s not your job, it’s not my job – it’s our job. If you don’t have time to enter a room, you have a team always ready to help. It makes a big difference in patient care.”

Both Bailey and Gilda continue to share their experiences to try to recruit others into LMH Health. One of Bailey’s former colleagues took the plunge, and Gilda continues to urge her contacts to do the same.

“I recruited one person and another is talking about coming here. I recently walked into a room with a patient and when I was introducing myself, I encountered someone I had previously worked with,” Gilda said.

And working at LMH Health comes with another bonus – Gilda is once again working with Bailey.

“We work so well together and we can anticipate what the other is going to do,” she said. “I can’t imagine being anywhere else.”

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