Home Health Care Franchising – Accelerating Growth During COVID-19

Home Health Care Franchising

It’s been more than a year since industry insiders predicted that non-medical Home Health Care Franchising systems would experience accelerated growth during the COVID-19 pandemic. With unemployment at historic highs and businesses shutting down across the country, many prospective entrepreneurs were expected to seek out more mission-oriented careers, with aging in place services and home care agencies in particular presenting lucrative opportunities.

And while it’s still early to tell just how much accelerated growth might materialize, the signs so far are promising. Always Best Care, for example, reported a 150% increase in new inquiries for its home care franchises in the past six months. Synergy HomeCare and Nurse Next Door also reported significant increases in prospective franchise owners.

The aging population and social trends are driving demand for in-home care services. These services are not only beneficial to seniors and those with chronic conditions who need assistance at home but are also a lifeline for families and caregivers. This is especially true for clients with dementia, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, or any condition that limits their mobility and requires more assistance with daily living tasks.

This is why home healthcare franchises are gaining in popularity. These established businesses offer a proven business model and provide support throughout the startup process and beyond. As a result, they’re often able to offer higher returns than independent business startups.

Compared to starting your own business from scratch, the cost of investing in a home care franchise is relatively low. In addition to the initial investment and ongoing royalty fees that you’ll need to pay, the franchisor will typically supply the necessary equipment and supplies for your franchise. This allows you to get started faster and eliminates the risk of unforeseen costs that can often arise when you start a business from scratch.

Home care franchises are a great option for people who want to start a business they believe in and can feel good about. This is particularly true of non-medical home care agencies, which can help seniors maintain their independence and provide family members with essential peace of mind.

Unlike medical home health care, which offers more in-depth assistance, non-medical services focus on companionship and assisting with daily activities such as cooking, cleaning, running errands, and bathing. Because these services are non-medical, they don’t require a healthcare background and can be more affordable to launch and manage. Moreover, because of their focus on senior care, non-medical home care franchises tend to have lower insurance and licensing requirements and a wider pool of potential employees. This makes them a smart choice for first-time entrepreneurs who aren’t sure where to start with their business.

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