High Fats Loss Exercise Ideas Based on Superstar Trainers

Exercising may help you shed a few pounds, but it doesn’t guarantee you will lose fat. That is, unless you are doing exercise moves designed to blast fat.

The secret to getting results is achieving About 75-90% maximum effort during exercise for your body to get into the fat burning zoneAccording to Ashley Joi, CPT, and one of Chris Hemsworth’s veteran trainers for his fitness and wellness app, Centr.

“When you get your heart rate up to this level, your body needs to adjust to the demands of exercise and speed up your metabolic response,” Joi tells Eat This, Not That! “You can get to this level with all styles of training, whether it’s HIIT, strength, or boxing.”

The best part? You don’t even have to exercise long to see results.

“A weight training session doesn’t have to be very long to be effective and fat-busting,” adds Joi. “Mind-body connection is the most important aspect of exercise regardless of your goals. Like my favorite quote when your mind isn’t
there, and it doesn’t think you can achieve anything, your body won’t follow. “

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Best exercise moves for fat loss

“When it comes to burning fat, full-body training is key. The more muscles you stimulate to move or support the body, the more energy is used in training,” says Michael Olijade Jr., who is known for his workout box -inspired HIIT workouts on Centr. “Good shadow boxing relies on the calves, glutes, quadriceps, hamstrings, and core to create a stable platform from which to launch your boxing combinations.”

What is more? You can do solid shadow boxing training from the comfort of your home – and with hardly any equipment.

Below are three types of Olijade shadow boxing as well as two joi strength exercises that are vital to blasting fat.

Courtesy of Centr

“Fast, repetitive overcuts turn your abs on and hold them,” says Olijade. “Even with a brief bout of overcuts, your abs should feel tight and your shoulders should burn.”

South Pay Jab CombinationCourtesy of Centr

“It’s important that you change your posture to the south paw to make sure you’re putting equal weight on both sides,” says Olijade. “When throwing this combination, focus on using your whole body to propel your fists forward.”

V-slip underCourtesy of Centr

“In the ring, V-briefs are the most important exercise to practice when you don’t want to score,” says Olijade. “In the gym, they’re one of the best exercises for working your glutes, hamstrings, quads, lower back, and abs.”

You can watch the videos for all three trains here at home.


“If you don’t have weights, you can use bands for these, they’ll hit your glutes, which is a large area of ​​muscle,” says Joi.


“When you add a row to the push-up, hit your arms, chest, and shoulders all at the same time for a fantastic compound move,” says Joi.

What you can use to strengthen your body after training

Both Joi and Olijade replenish their bodies with nutrient-rich foods immediately after completing their workout.

“I believe in eating real food, whole foods, and lots of nutrients. I love vegetables … I don’t mind a smoothie either,” says Joi. “I love a peanut butter and chocolate smoothie – this is my favorite.”

Olijade says he stays away from processed foods as often as possible to stay energized for his workouts.

“I try not to eat artificial foods and all of the rest of them,” he says. “I will eat meat and vegetables and eggs.”

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