Health targets dwindling? Specialists supply motivation

Like most people, you probably ate too much during the holiday season. The celebrations make it easy to forget our fitness routines and goals. With the fresh arrival of the New Year and bikini season fast approaching, it’s important to get back to the gym.

A Fitness Volt spokesperson commented, “Fortunately, there are simple steps that can rekindle your ambition and make your workouts more enjoyable so you can stick with your fitness regimen this year.”

Here are tips to help you get started with an exercise routine.

Set specific times

Setting a regular schedule for your workout times is a simple but effective way to readjust your mindset after the Christmas chaos.

Without a gym schedule, you can find many excuses for not participating in any exercise. The best time to choose is the time of day when you have free time. By considering your daily routine, you can take your time and won’t find excuses for being too busy.

A set training schedule will ensure that your workload doesn’t get in the way when you do get back into a busy work routine. Everyone is busy, but when you make time for your exercise, you and others show that you are committed to your goal.

Don’t overexert yourself

While fitness is usually encouraged to push your limits, it’s important not to push yourself to the limit, especially after a break from training. After indulging in desserts and mulled wine over the holidays, it’s time to get into your exercise routine. Regardless of the exercise, doing too much can lead to muscle strains and tendon injuries, making you less able to reach your fitness goals.

Regardless of your previous exercise intensity, your body needs time to return to your previous routine. You may not be able to walk as far or lift as heavy at first, but it’s important not to overexert yourself. Start with shorter and easier exercises and slowly increase.

Overdoing it can lead to burnout in the early stages and cause you to dread exercise instead of enjoying it.

Personalize the training

All fitness lovers are not necessarily all gym goers. The key is to find activities you enjoy and incorporate them into your workout.

For example, if you’re a nature lover, you can run or walk on a nature trail, on the beach, or even just around the block. If the gym is intimidating, invest in exercise equipment and work out in the comfort of your own home. Busy moms with kids can fit in exercise while the kids play in the park.

Many workouts don’t involve a gym, and personalizing your fitness routine ensures they’re fun.

partner up

Having a training partner with similar fitness goals is beneficial to your routine for many reasons, one of which is being able to motivate you after a break. A partner can motivate you to assert yourself when you don’t feel like exercising.

During routine sessions, your partner can push you to take it to the next level. Having a training companion can spark friendly competition. It may inspire you to do an extra rep or try a heavier set of dumbbells. And that brings you closer to your goals.

A partnership is also excellent for holding you accountable. It’s harder to cut short your fitness session when you know you’re going to dump a friend. Having a partner makes working out a social activity to look forward to every week. In addition, you can recognize each other to make your training safer.

Set short-term goals

It’s important to consider your end goal and long-term results to plan your workouts and determine which exercises will work best for you. However, having only one long-term goal can be daunting if you don’t see immediate progress and may even make you give up altogether.

It’s important to set short-term goals that are manageable and not just focus on your looks or weight loss. For example, if you’re looking to get stronger, a reasonable short-term goal for the month might be to increase your overhead press load by 15 pounds.

Implementing short-term goals makes it easy to quantify your progress when it’s not physically visible. Achieving these goals will bring you closer to your long-term goals.

consistency key

When it comes to the holidays, the last thing on our minds is the gym and working out. After the fitness break on holiday, it is important to set up a fitness plan, start with light training units and set short-term goals. If you struggle with motivation and accountability, consider asking a friend to be your training partner.

No matter how big or small your fitness goals are, consistency is key.

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