Hate ab exercises? Do this 12-minute, low-intensity Pilates exercise to construct your core

The great thing about ab workouts is that they’re usually short, making it a very time-efficient type of workout. However, these shorter workouts often involve high-intensity movements as well. If this is the part that keeps you from working your abs, then you should try this 12-minute Pilates core workout.

Pilates is a low-impact exercise that uses controlled movements typically performed on one of the best yoga mats to develop strength (especially your core) and improve your balance, mobility, and flexibility.

Inside Mary Brown (opens in new tab) training, you will perform core strengthening exercises at a slow and controlled pace and intensity to build a stronger core and develop a more defined core.

Braun, who is both a fitness trainer and yoga specialist, fully demonstrates the routine and shows how each exercise should be performed for best results. Alignment and form really are the key to Pilates training. So take the time to learn the moves and make sure your core is engaged in each movement to not only work hard but also support the rest of your body during the workout.

Check out Mary Braun’s 12-Minute Pilates Abs Workout

People can be quick to assume that low-intensity exercise has lesser results than high-intensity exercise, but there’s research showing just how effective a workout like Pilates can be for your body. A study published in Proteus Journal (opens in new tab) reported increased core strength and endurance in a group of postpartum women who completed just four weeks of Pilates-based mat exercise.

The physical benefits of a stronger core are enormous. The core stabilizes your body so you can move and carry weight with ease. Whether you want to make everyday tasks easier, especially as you get older and your body starts to weaken, or you want to improve your exercise performance, a stronger core is essential.

Also, many people have the aesthetic goal of carving a set of defined abs across their stomach area. While this can be done with some of the best ab workouts, results will vary based on body composition and fitness level. Braun emphasized this himself: “Remember, every body is different and visible muscles, especially abs, are easier to see when you have a lean body part!”.

If you’ve been doing relentless sets of crunches and sit-ups but don’t see a noticeable difference, your body fat percentage may not be low enough to notice it.

A simple equation for this is to eat less and exercise more. To some, this will sound a lot easier than keeping up. However, once you’ve armed yourself with the knowledge of what to eat to lose belly fat and incorporate some fat-burning workouts into your fitness regimen, you should start noticing results.

Even if you’re someone with limited time to exercise, learn workouts that are more time efficient and effective at burning fat. For example, this HIIT fat loss workout is a great time saver. Or if you hate spending hours on the best exercise machines to lose weight and can’t decide between cardio or weights, you can actually burn more calories by lifting weights instead.

A set of the best adjustable dumbbells is a great home workout tool for those looking to build muscle at home without investing in a full rack of weights.

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